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Edall Techno School

Another unique service of EdAll is EDALL TECHNO SCHOOL wherein students who would like to opt for supportive classes (Tuitions), and Competitive Exam Training in one or more subjects are provided in their locality, again at a very nominal cost. These supportive classes are offered on all boards like the State Board, CBSE board, IB Board, and IGCSE Board, for the children of classes VI-XII. The special feature of this course is that the entire syllabus is converted into video classes which include innovative techniques, and methods within the campus or in the Centre.

Students are given board-wise individual attention and their doubts are clarified as and when required. We do continuous monitoring of their progress through assignments and CAT exams & “ Evaluation in regular intervals.

Following the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardener, each child is enriched with one or more of the multiple intelligences. Hence their learning style differs. Given this, our teaching

methodology is so designed that it will not only be in lectures, rather it will be involving innovative teaching strategies like slide shows, PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, projects, Experimental Classes, and innovative presentations.

The Child, when it is required, would be confident and focused enough to choose their career path.